wik_kit: Havana
wik_kit: Havana

wik_kit: Havana

wik_kits include both: this kit is designed for the Havana 

Cotton wicks:

  • 15 wik_its (top wick stabilizer) cotton wicks
  • 5 wik_centers (botton wick placement guide)

Wooden wicks:

  • 10 wik_its (top wick stabilizer) wooden wicks
  • 5 wik_centers (botton wick placement guide 
  • wik_its will accomadate all size wooden wicks 
  • Glue or RTV makers order the wooden wik_kit for glue
  • Round wick sticker makers order the wik_kit for sticker

Please allow 2-3 days for the wooden wik_kit design as the top piece is two pieces fused together. If you have question contact us.