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The Patent Pending "Wik_It" design keeps your wick's perfectly centered.

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Shop Wik-Its

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How Wik_Its Work

Step 1: use a wik_center for easy wick placement. Our vessel-specific design and precision engineering means perfectly placed wicks every time.

Step 2: place your wik_it on top of your vessel and pull your wick(s) through the hole(s) in the center. The design and tension stabilizes the wick and keeps it centered during the pouring and solidifying steps.

Step 3: Pull the excess wick to the side wick holder. Now your wicks are perfectly taught, centered, and out of the way!

Step 4: Enjoy a stress-free pour! Watch the video below to see wik_its in action!

Note: Our Wik-Kits are crafted from high quality Baltic Birch wood known for its superior strength, durability, and consistency.

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Watch Wik_its in Action below!

How to Wik_It:

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