the brand

The brand started back in 2013 with a fascination, Jen is obsessively curious, and Scott describes her tinkering as the "toddler curse." One day, obsessing over "how to make a candle" Jen deconstructed her favorite candle. She melted it down, added a new wick, and poured that recycled candle into an empty dog food can. That was the beginning of our original candle line, Haus of Light. Haus of Light grew up and matured into today's brand called dzign haus. 

dzign haus was re-branded to with a modern but classic feel which is threaded through the brand's products. Every detail in our brand we dzign and curate by hand.

Why “dzign haus? dzign as we call it, is the lifeline of our brand, it is the element that defines and sets us apart from other companies. haus is part of Jen's last name 


2020 we welcome wik_it to our line of products